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October 20th, 2014

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In order to ship a firearm, RGUNS must have a signed, valid FFL on file.  Submission of a firearm  order without an FFL on file will result in cancellation of the order. 

FFL's may be submitted by mail, fax (847-428-0029) or email (rguns@rguns.net).
Rock-Ola M14F Rifle
Manufactured to USGI Specifications

Rock-Ola M14F Rifle

FFL Required
With 8620 Hammer Forged Receiver, New Criterion Chrome Lined Barrel, Finished with USGI Parts, Includes One (1) 20 Round Magazine and Sling
Rock-Ola M14F Hammer Forged Receiver
8620 CNC Manufactured to USGI Specifications

 Rock-Ola M14F Receiver
FFL Required
Gas Trap Garand Front End Kits
Gas Trap Garand Front End Kit
Available again after 71 years!

Newly manufactured fully shootable “Gas Trap” Garand front end kits for the M1 rifle. These “gas trap” parts are manufactured from the original 1937-40 U.S. Government drawings. Each part is fully interchangeable with 1937-40 production components.

The gas cylinder, gas plug and front sights will have an ‘R’ stamped on them to discourage dishonest people from passing them off as originals. The barrels are marked with the manufacturers initials, the drawing number and date of manufacture.
Each kit is fully assembled and includes:
  • New production M1 Garand barrel
  • Gas Trap gas cylinder
  • Gas Trap gas plug
  • Gas Trap front sight
  • Front handguard lipped ferrule
  • Stacking swivel
  • Front sight and gas plug screws
Shipping to lower 48 states included!
Smith Enterprises Bar Stock M-14 Semi-Auto Receiver
Two or More - $800.00
Smith Enterprises M-14 Receiver 
Smith Enterprises M14 Receivers
New manufacture bar stock receivers for 7.62mm rifles.  Back orders are currently being taken. All orders will be filled in the order in which they are received.  Production is very limited due to Smith Enterprise's strict quality control standards.  These receivers are California-legal.


1. Never use reloaded ammunition in this firearm.
2. Newly purchased Smith Enterprises receivers must be barreled and headspaced by Smith Enterprises or a Smith Enterprises recommended M14 armorer.  Failure to do so will void the warranty.


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