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October 22nd, 2014

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About Our Barrels
The custom machined match barrels used in RGUNS rifles and uppers are made from 4150 chrome-moly vanadium steel manufactured in the USA. Each 5.56 NATO barrel is properly head spaced with an M4 feed ramp extension installed.

Barrels are particle tested, air gauged, concentrically cut and, where threaded, muzzle threaded -28 R.H. twist to accept flash hiders/suppressors, stressed relieved, turned on center to prevent accuracy robbing distortion when the barrel heats up, and hardened to 26-33 Rc giving the barrel a long life. 

Each barrel has an eleven degree crown, polished chamber and lapped bore, as well as a pulled-button rifling,  producing a superbly accurate bore diameter with uniform rate of twist. Fluted models feature unique fluting designs to improve rigidity and aid in barrel cooling.
Available Receiver Colors
Stripped Forged Upper, Black
RGUNS Stripped Upper, Olive Drab
RGUNS Stripped Upper, Dark Earth
Olive Drab
Dark Earth

TRR15A1 Uppers

TRR15A2 Uppers
Heavy Profile Barrel
Fluted Profile Barrel
Superbull Twister Profile Barrel
Heavy Barrel
Fluted Barrel
Superbull Twister Barrel
Twister Profile Barrel
Twister Barrel

TRR15A3 Uppers
Camel Toe Profile Barrel
Fluted Profile Barrel Heavy Profile Barrel
Camel Toe Barrel
Fluted Barrel
Heavy Barrel
Hole in One Profile Barrel
Stainless Heavy Barrel

Hole in One Barrel
Stainless Heavy Barrel
Super Bull Barrel
Superbull Twister Profile Barrel Twister Profile Barrel Government Profile Barrel
Super Bull Twister Barrel
Twister Barrel
Government Profile Barrel
RGUNS Stainless Superbull Barrel
Super Bull Fluted Barrel Stainless Super Bull Barrel Stainless Super Bull Fluted Barrel
Pencil                                                          Profile                                                          Barrel
Pencil Barrel Diamond Cut Barrel Super Bull Diamond Cut Barrel

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